Russia Accidentally Shoots Down Their Own $36M Su-34 Bomber In Ukraine: Report

Multiple Ukrainian media outlets have reported that a $36 million Russian Su-34 bomber was reportedly shot down by Russia’s own forces over Ukraine’s eastern Luhansk region on Monday.

“Russian invaders from the air defense shot down their own plane, which was flying in the sky over Alchevsk,” reported Ukrainian news outlet, noting that the incident could have taken place when Ukraine’s armed forces launched a targeted attack on military depots in the occupied city.

The jet was reportedly downed near Alchevsk, a city in the Luhansk region—one of the areas where the war is currently focused. Alchevsk is currently under the occupation of Russian-backed separatist forces.

Videos and photographs of the charred remains of a Russian Su-34 fighter-bomber were shared on social media by the Strategic Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

A Russian Telegram user called Ruslan reportedly wrote: “The jet is ours, unfortunately. Sometimes it happens. I heard the info from a friend, I thought bulls**t, but it was confirmed.”

The Su-34 fighter jets, which costs approximately $36 million per unit according to Russia’s state-run media, have largely underperformed throughout the war which President Vladimir Putin launched on February 24, Britain’s defense ministry said.