Chinese scientists eye hypersonic weapon able to ‘fry’ telecoms systems in 10 seconds

A new type of long-distance hypersonic weapon proposed by rocket scientists in Beijing aims to wipe out communication and power supply lines over a 2km area. Photo: Shutterstock

Defeat an army without a fight and without casualties? Quite possible, if a new type of hypersonic weapon proposed by a team of rocket scientists in China becomes reality.

Designed to generate an intense electromagnetic pulse capable of wiping out communication and power supply lines, the weapon would have a range of 3,000km – about the distance from China’s east coast to Guam. Cruising at six times the speed of sound, it would cover this distance in 25 minutes.

Unlike ballistic missiles, it would stay within the earth’s atmosphere to dodge space-based early warning systems, while using active stealth technology to avoid detection by radars on the ground, according to the team of researchers at the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology in Beijing. Read more from Stephen Chen, South China Morning Post

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